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on 16th October 2020

Award-winning stationer and Independent champion of National Stationery week, Sarah Laker, has branched out f

on 17th September 2021

Stationery Supplies based in Marple and Wilmslow, Cheshire has been chosen as one of

on 14th March 2024

National Stationery Week ambassador and retailer, Sarah Laker gives the notebooks that she was consul

on 26th March 2024

The countdown to National Stationery Week has begun with the announcement of this year’s the

on 9th April 2024

As the owner of Stationery Supplies in Marple and Wilmslow and the co-ordinator for Natio

on 9th April 2024

Royal Mail proposes every other day second-class delivery, as part of its efforts to

on 18th April 2024

Customers can’t get enough of Legami erasable pens, and the two new designs –